Goby gets covered by Scoble!

Had a great (and very informative!) visit with Robert Scoble, his coverage is here. He said some great things about us (“more important than foursquare”!), but one of the most rewarding things was that his wife loves Goby as well. It’s one thing to impress someone technical with what you’ve achieved – it’s even more rewarding when people who aren’t in it for the technology see the usefulness of something in their daily life.

Here’s the interview:

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3 thoughts on “Goby gets covered by Scoble!”

  1. loved the interview with Scoble. Real time relevance is key. I’m in Canada. Just did a search for Canoeing in Banff in July…nothing came up. Changed location to San Jose, got some results. Assuming Canada is not in your footprint now??? when? or if?

  2. Hi Cassy – thanks for the note. Goby is US-only at the moment, so unfortunately we can’t help on Banff yet. We do plan to cover areas outside the US, but haven’t established a timeline for that yet.

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