What I’m listening to…

Who knew? Right in my back yard, Dispatch had a concert in Cambridge a few years back, that drew 100,000 people. Never had heard of them. I’m sitting in a nice restaurant in Gloucester (http://alchemybistro.com/) after wandering the harbor, and this really hypnotic music is on…it’s Phish! No wait? It’s Al Dimeola! (e.g. “Passerby”) Who is this?? The server blandly informs me it’s Dispatch. Never heard of ’em, but it’s pretty good. Come home, talking to my son, he’s like “Oh yeah. Check out State Radio. And check out this website: http://www.dispatchmusic.com/dispatch.html – you can listen to the whole thing”….nice. Now I just can’t turn it off 8). And, strangely enough, an acoustic guitarist I admire (but who is not well known), Phil Keaggy, is playing Al Dimeola-like electric guitar with them live. Who knew?

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