Recorded today in NY for Shelly Palmer’s Digital Life, an NBC show in NY focused on consumer tech. My first time doing TV. Makeup & the whole bit. First observation: These people work early! The makeup person told me she started work around 3:30am. ick. Good news for her: home by 10:30am.

Recording was fun. 3 minutes (my segment) goes by SO fast when the lights go on. You’ve got to have your message down to so few words to get it in there crisply. Watching Shelly was fun – so matter of factly creates so many facial expressions, rarely makes any mistakes. When he looks at you on camera, it’s with such focus that I had a hard time not feeling like a deer in the headlights…

They had these cool robotic cameras (for some reason my picture didn’t come out), but one of the other guests was telling me that those cameras replace 3 or 4 cameramen, driving costs way down. They seem very similar to the robots that are in many factories and warehouses these days.

Came down the night before and caught Los Campesinos, a welsh punk band at the Fillmore. Those guys rock. Was going to mention it on the show, but NBC doesn’t really seem like a “welsh punk” kind of show 8)

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