New & Improved…

Welcome to the new and improved viking blog. I started this blog back in the day as an experiment in home-rolled lifestreaming, covering some of the passions in my life – travel, books, and music. I wanted a way to integrate my activities in some of the social media sites I was engaged with (Last.FM, LibraryThing, Flickr) with longer-form blogging. When I co-founded Goby, a lot of that went out the window as we got the company off the ground. I’m now at a place where I can restart things. I’ll continue to cover the books/music/travel areas that I’m passionate about, but want to bring in some new areas I’m really engaged in. In particular, information is the ocean we all swim in, and I want to explore the world of search, social media, and information retrieval, and how people consume information, especially as it relates to their free time, and of course, our experiences building Goby.

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