Documentary and new music from Rush

Randomly noticed that there was a Rush Rockumentary on TV last night, Beyond the Lighted Stage. Turns out it was just released a few weeks ago, and even won the audience choice award at Tribeca. It is pretty amazing – there is even 30 year old video footage of a high school age Alex Lifeson arguing at the dinner table (& smoking) about whether he would finish high school or become a musician!

Digging a little deeper, I realized that about a month ago, they released a two-song bundle & booklet – how did I miss that? (The singles are Caravan and Brough Up to Believe, get them here: Caravan [+Digital Booklet]). As an aside, what a failure of music marketing! Rush has been with me my whole life, and has been a constant source of energy & inspiration. How come none of digital suppliers (Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Live Nation….) know I love Rush and sent me a message? Marketing FAIL. Even today, music discovery is challenge (something I want to blog about in the future). In the meantime, grab the two new singles from these deeply talented and passionate musicians.

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