Diary of a Kickstarter. Day 12.

True Detective

It’s day 12 of the Kickstarter for The Hawaii Project, Monday, April 13.

$7,045, 20% of goal, picked up $10 yesterday. Sigh.

I’ve mostly battled through my bout of Resistance, which I hit yesterday and which you can read about here.  Haven’t heard back from anyone yet, but hope springs eternal….

Got a meeting set up with Porter Square Books. Yay! Going to go pick their brains about bookselling, author promotion, and see if there’s any way to work together. Doing things that don’t scale. 

First, I’m off to Firecracker, to whom I am an advisor. They’ve got big momentum in medical education, awesome new offices in downtown Boston, and interesting challenges (and they’re hiring). It’s fun to worry about somebody else’s problems for a change. It’s like the difference between being a parent and being a grandparent. When you’re a grandparent, when you’re done playing, you hand the kid back, say “here you go”, and go home 8) (and worry). When you’re the parent, you have to wake up at 2 in the morning to deal with the problem.

Finish up with Firecracker, head to Porter Square, am told the person I am meeting it’s their day off and they’re not here. Shit. Some kind of misunderstanding. Oh well. I make arrangements to go back tomorrow. Day in the life…..

I talk to my dad on the phone this evening, haven’t talked to him in awhile. It’s dusk, and while I’m talking to him, deer run through my yard. I think of the Coyote that was in the yard a few days ago, and it all keeps my problems in perspective – at least a coyote isn’t trying to eat me 8).

Today’s Music: I stumble across the song for the new True Detectives show. Absolutely hypnotic. I don’t know the show but the music, wow.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OfU7CGY5DQ. A little research shows it’s Lera Lynn and unreleased. So I spent an hour with that and this (a cover of TV on the Radio’s Wolf Like Me, on infinite repeat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwVX4cG6F9s


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