Diary of a Kickstarter. Day 10.


It’s day 10 of the Kickstarter for The Hawaii Project, April 11. Saturday.

1 new backer yesterday. We’re at $6870, 19% funded (yesterday’s diary entry had a typo btw, we’re at 19%, not 29% (I wish!). Discouraging. But, lots of time left. I’ve heard from enough people that they really want what I’m doing, that I attribute the state of things to my limited marketing talent rather than a lack of market demand.

Today’s Saturday, going to do some work, but also take some downtime. I’m finishing up a “Publisher” page for The Hawaii Project, where a publisher can have a presence inside the experience. I brainstorm with a friend of mine, finalize some things, and send it off. Vaya Con Dios, Publisher page! Bring back some publishers! (the cover image of this post in a Publisher Page for Black Lizard, a crime novel imprint). (Anybody know anybody at Black Lizard btw?)

“A sound mind in a sound body” is attributed to various Greeks & Romans, but whoever said it, it’s good advice. Especially when you’re in those intense work times, you need to exercise. I play in a tennis league, the regularly scheduled matches ensure I play even if I forget to schedule it. I play a singles match and do ok, and a doubles match, and lose, but I’ve had three hours of working out and de-stressing and not thinking about work.

An old acquaintance gets in touch and asks about features for book clubs. Gack! Damn! That’s a whole marketing angle I didn’t chase. Crap. Anybody got a good idea how to get in touch with the hundreds of thousands of book clubs out there in one fell swoop? Me neither. Sounds like “hand-to-hand combat” aka “retail marketing” aka “Do Things That Don’t Scale” is the only way there. Sigh.

Head home, and throw on a James Bond movie (Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig, seems apropos), and start to mockup another publisher page. Goodnight!

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