a startup I’d like to see

Would somebody please build “menupages for winelists”, on a mobile device. I’d like to be able to walk into a restaurant I’ve never been to, with a wine list as long as my arm, and have the app be able to recommend wines off the wine list. Cross-reference Wine Spectator scores and prices, so I can ask: “what’s the highest rated Merlot”? “Which Italian Red has the best value (price per wine spectator point)”?. Or even just see what the street price of the wine is, and it’s rating. Anything to help me make sense out of that monster list of choices. I have some wine apps I love – my friend Brad Rosen’s Drync for example – but none that I know of has access to the wine list in a venue, the way menupages has access to, and provides searching on, the menus in a restaurant.

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